Smart Manufacturing

Highly automated production lines enable MSquare Energy to supply modules with consistent quality, fast delivery and low cost. MSquare Energy strives to meet all of clients’ expectations by utilizing fully automated manufacturing facilities, advanced quality control systems, and self-developed fully transparent quality management systems.


Patents on production process optimization


Higher production efficiency


Lower production cost


Higher Equipment Effectiveness


Real time online monitoring


Good product yield rate


Modularized Fully Automated Production Lines Enable Fast Delivery and Cost Savings. To achieve high utilization rate and efficiency, MSquare Energy divided the whole production chain into separate but closely united automated production sectors. Over 40 patents are applied on production process optimization, which could effectively avoid manual errors and make sure all the production processes from raw material inspection to packing are all monitored online and saved for later use.
Our modularized full-automated production lines utilize exclusive patents. This system ensures that the materials from the beginning of production to the packaging is all monitored online. This allows for significantly reduced human error and higher production quality during production.


MSquare Energy employs strict manufacturing management and end-to-end quality control. With an in-house developed ERP system, we track every step of every module component from incoming quality control, to online production, OBA test, and delivery status, etc.

The ERP system implements a unique bar code for each module component. Information such as raw material suppliers, production workers, quality testing results, and production dates are all accessible online through our ERP system. These data will be kept on our server for client access. Our product monitoring system allows us to track and take responsibility for product quality. It also enables customers to log in via Internet to retrieve all the production data at their convenience. Our ERP system also enables us track products in a database, giving us the ability to further improve product quality in the future.

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Customers can access to real-time production data, including BOM detail, EL report, Power, etc.

Real-time update of the production status, delivery specifics, etc. of your order.

A unique bar code enables you to track all the information related to your order within decades.

Visual access to real-time shop floor monitor recordings via our ERP system in your office