Technical Details

The technical discussion will consist of instrument details, materials & components to produce the Solar PV Modules, operational details, floor plan and the basic process flow of the production.

Key Components

Solar Cells
The Key Component, the main and most important basic building block of the Solar PV Module and Panels.
Module Frame
To give structural solid usable shape to solar PV module and create a solar PV panel
Solar Glass
Soldering Ribbon
TPT Backsheet
EVA Film
Junction Box
MC4 Connector
Cable (Optional )

Machine for Solar Panel Manufacturing

Fully Automatic Solar PV Module Laminator
Fully automatic machine. This equipment is for Laminating the Solar Glass, EVA, solar cell and backsheet
Solar Cell Tester
Required to sort solar cells according to their electrical performance under a test condition of simulated sunlight (variable irradiation value e.g. 100W/cm2 , 80W/cm2, 120W/cm2)
Solar PV Module Tester
To measure I-V characteristics and other electrical parameters of poly & mono crystalline PV Modules
Electro Luminance (EL) tester
Required to inspect the solar PV Module for secluded split, cracked cell, rosin joint, wire break & defects
Glass Washing Machine
Using to dry Solar PV Glass automatically & efficiently to improve the Solar Panel’s quality
Framing Machine
Required to fix solar Module frame and seal the 4 corner of the frame
EVA, TPE Back sheet cutting station
This is actually a table with a tough top for cutting EVA & TPT back sheet for solar panels
Solar Cell Soldering station
The soldering station includes operating platform with power distribution board, heating platform and its control system. Soldering template for both single cell soldering and string soldering.
Soldering Ribbon Cutting Machine
The machine can level the ribbon, which in term can improve the quality of soldering.
Module Transfer Carrier
Hand truck for transportation of Glass / Modules / Panel at different stage of production
Ready Material Carrier
Hand truck for transporting the finished laying up module to be laminated, carry 10 pcs 300W solar panel with proper protection
Laying Up Station
Provide horizontal surface to lay up the solar cell string, Stack solar cell string, tempered glass, EVA & back sheet and wire the solar cell string with ribbon
Visual Inspection Station
For inspection of the finished lay up solar module before laminating
Edge Trimming Table
Table for trimming the EVA & TPT around the panel after lamination. Support 300w panel, Include the electrical knife
Cleaning Table
Table for cleaning the surface of the finished module
Cell Sorting Station
Working table for select out solar cells from the faulty one. And classification the solar cell for solar production
Used to generate compressed air for laminator, Framing machine, Solar cell tester and other pneumatic equipment
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